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About NBCL

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Chris Rosmalen

Managing director


Rob Lips

Business development

2019-02-22 09.01.26-2_bewerkt_bewerkt_be

Dr. Michael Jansen

Manager R&D


Luc Rosmalen

Finance & operations

NBCL (Novel Biomarkers Catalyst Lab) was founded in 2012 and is located at our offices and laboratories at Kerkenbos in Nijmegen the Netherlands. NBCL has an experienced immunoassay development team and works on the development of new immunoassays on the NBCL platform. 


NBCL has an assay development laboratory and can perform small scale immunoassay production. NBCL is dedicated to the development and commercialisation of immunoassays that are or become important diagnostic tools in clinical management. 

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