The "central lab” anywhere 24/7

NBCL has a stand-alone point of care immunoassay analyzer,

using similar technology as used in large automated laboratory analyzers, including quality controls and calibration process.

Lab quality performance

  • high sensitivity assays 

  • results within minutes

  • whole blood samples

  • central laboratory precision and robustness 

Foolproof, simple and stand-alone operation

  • no laboratory infrastructure needed

  • operation by anyone 

  • no sample preparation

  • Scan patient ID barcode

  • Place whole blood sample tube 

  • No sample preparation



scan blood


  • Scan reagent cartridge barcode containing calibration information

  • Instrument detects assay type and lot number and verifies latest calibration and QC information

  • Place cartridge in the instrument 

  • Close cover, press start and assay is started



scan reagent 


  • After assay has been completed results are displayed on the screen and can be printed

  • After use, cartridge and sample tube are discarded and instrument is ready for the next assay



print the


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